Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The Origins of Survival Horror

Early Horror Games

The Rise of Resident Evil

The Impact of Resident Evil on the Genre

Key takeaway: The Resident Evil franchise revolutionized the survival horror genre, introducing innovative gameplay mechanics and inspiring a new generation of horror games. The franchise’s impact on the gaming industry is still felt today, and it remains a key reference point for fans and developers alike. The future of survival horror looks bright, with new trends and predictions emerging in the genre.

Revolutionizing Gameplay Mechanics

Inspiring a New Generation of Horror Games

The Definition of a Survival Horror Game

Characteristics of the Genre

Debates Surrounding the Classification of Resident Evil

Comparing Resident Evil to Other Early Survival Horror Games

Alone in the Dark

Silent Hill

The Legacy of Resident Evil

The Evolution of the Franchise

The Lasting Impact on the Gaming Industry

The Future of Survival Horror

The State of the Genre Today

Trends and Predictions for the Future of Survival Horror Games


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